September / October 2011

September / October 2011 Cover

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Volume 32, Issue 5


Reviving the Troubled CMCA    By Edgar Allen Beem
Two years ago, the Center of Maine Contemporary Art looked as if it had taken its last breath. Then Director Suzette McEvoy stepped in with a new plan.

War of the Roses    By Kris Wilton
Even though Brandeis University settled its lawsuit, the public still wants to know, what is the future for the Rose Art Museum?

Profile: Clara Lieu    By Lois Tarlow
Her drawings mesmerize, perplex, and leave viewers unsettled, wondering, who is Clara Lieu and what is the mystery behind her art.

Art’s Doctors    By Chrstine Temin
If it’s broken, mildewed, torn, or turned a nasty shade of yellow, the Williamstown Art Conservation Center likely knows how to fix it.

Moved by Serendipity    By Deborah Forman
At age ninety-four, John Grillo remains active at his easel, still moved by accident and surprise.



Art Buzz

Book Review
Nancy Spero
Reviewed by Leah Triplett

Book Review
Gerhard Richter
Reviewed by Evan Smith

Michael Oatman: All Utopias Fell
by Stephen Vincent Kobasa

Art of the Woodcut Novel
by Steve Starger

Art Safari
Easthampton’s Bookbinders
by Carand Burnet

Pissarro: Lifelong Anarchist
by Christine Temin



Edward Hopper’s Maine at Bowdoin College Museum of Art
by Carl Little


Michael Donovan at Real Art Ways
by Patricia Rosoff

Roxanne Faber Savage at Silvermine Arts Center
by Stephen Vincent Kobasa


Madeleine de Sinéty at Portland Museum of Art
by Carl Little

Paul Oberst at Center for Maine Contemporary Art
by Carl Little

Don Voisine at Icon Gallery
by Ken Greenleaf


Sally Moore at Barbara Krakow
by Alicia Faxon

Tim Rowan at Lacoste Gallery
by Shawn Hill

Linda Bond at A.P.E. Gallery
by Sarah Baker

Marianne Mueller at Peabody Essex Museum
by Evan Smith

Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
by Joanna Rieke

Resa Blatman at Ellen Miller Gallery
by Mary Bucci McCoy


Kate Emlen at Aidron Duckworth Art Museum
by Christopher Volpe


Janet Lage at Sarah Doyle Gallery
by Stephen Vincent Kobasa

Susan Freda at Gallery 4
by Steve Starger

Corinna Schnitt at Museum of Art at Rhode Island School of Design
by Eve Perry


Wylie Sofia Garcia at Helen Day Art Center
by Amy Rahn

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